Greer Muldowney

likes photography

The Body Politic 2018

Curated by Greer Muldowney

A R E A Gallery

November 1–December 2, 2018

The Body Politic is a term that defines us as citizen of a whole, but the American identity has ruptured, which is increasingly evident during this election year. These works should be viewed as both political and personal statements of what it means to be an American, and how these identities seem even more in flux with the rights and privileges expected of our citizenry. The artists in this exhibition explore identities that are under scrutiny, under privileged or under attach in the United States.

As you view this exhibition in the context of the midterm elections of 2018, consider the following: Is it possible for our identity, or the defining power of individual groups, to be transmuted overnight? Can the election change your interpretive stance after results are determined? Has your perception in the current political climate been altered regarding your fellow Americans?


  • Chase Barnes
  • Candice Jackson
  • Silvi Naci
  • Brian Ulrich