Greer Muldowney

likes photography

Strictly Personal 2022

A Collaboration with Caleb Cole

For our second collaboration, Caleb and I again turned to a found book and imagery to respond to the current socio-political climate. In 2022, the United States saw the end of Roe V. Wade and abortion protections across the majority of states, Transgender rights are systematically under attack by the far-right, and school shootings are ever present due to an utter lack of will to act by those in power.

For this small-run book, we decided to both respond to the current temperature and conflate it with imagery from the past. Our experiences may be very different, but our desire to respond, fight back, and disparage this dark moment came together by using both vintage, contemporary and found imagery and text to create cutting collage pieces. Greer Muldowney and Caleb Cole’s visual response meet in the middle, where they are flipped and disoriented to be personally affronted all over.

“Strictly Personal” 9’x7.5’, 52 pages