Greer Muldowney

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Place (HOLDER)

A Regional Exhibition juried by Greer Muldowney

Gallery 263

August 16–September 12, 2018

City life may not be the first image that comes to mind when you imagine the New England landscape, but the region is sprinkled with historically rich and diverse cities both large and small. Whether you are in the bustling metro areas of Boston, nestled in the sleepy mountains of Vermont, or sit on the rocky coasts of Maine, you are always accompanied by a familiar New England charm. However, our states are still home to cities that have fallen into disrepair where vibrant mill industries once flourished, suffer from unaffordable housing, and a growing disparity among the folks that call the same place “home” is becoming more visible.

This regionally juried exhibition at Gallery 263 asks our community of New England: “How do each of us fit into this puzzle, and what is our relationship to our cities as artists?“

Charles River water basin painted by Gallery 263 Director Catherine Graffam.


  • Cindy Weisbart
  • Ellen Slotnick
  • Melissa Rivrad
  • Ponnapa Prakkamakul
  • Chen Peng
  • Ted Ollier
  • Andrew Neumann
  • Matt Williams
  • Liam Maccormack
  • Lee Kennedy
  • Andrew Mowbray
  • Krystal Brown
  • Abbi Kenny
  • Julia Hopkins
  • Mattias Jansson
  • Greg Heins
  • Hank Hauptmann
  • Tim Hale
  • Morgan Glover
  • Dina Gjertsen
  • Susan Emmerson
  • Louie Despres
  • Abba Cudney
  • Alexander Churchill
  • Zoie Brown
  • Aaron Bourque
  • Mike Bodall
  • Andrew Janjigian
  • Jeehyon Ahn